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Concrete Crack Repair

A crack in your basement is inevitable, risky and problematic. It is not something that should be ignored, it could potentially lead to breakage and decay in the concrete joints. Cracks are formed by effects of movement with heat expansion, as well as drying and shrinking of slabs on the walls and floors of the foundation. The single best solution for repairing your homes foundation is concrete crack repair.

Concrete crack injection is the process of forcing a fluid resin into a void in your homes foundation so your home stays dry and protected. Dryshield waterproofing utilizes a wide variety of high-strength epoxy and urethane resins for their concrete crack injections as well as uses special pneumatic machines. By using these machines it ensures that the crack will be thoroughly filled with epoxy, making the crack not only structurally sound but preventing water from getting through again.

Concrete cracks are basically horizontal or vertical – horizontal cracks are conventionally structural caused due to the pressure built up on the opposite side of the wall. Pressure can build up by hydrostatic force or caused by an improper backfill. Vertical cracks are non-structural and are often accompanied by several other issues. An expansion and contraction of the concrete over the years, with the changing climates are usually the reason for vertical cracks.

Our contractors at DryShield diagnose the cause and severity of the cracks and fissures in the concrete slab of the building, and then suggest a suitable repair procedure. Our latest technologies and years of experience in the field of crack injections in household & commercial buildings, combined with our commitment to our service makes DryShield the best crack injection contactor in the business. Call us today to receive your free inspection.