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Waterproofing Services in Markham

Looking to protect your home from water damage? Look no further Dryshield Waterproofing has a wide range of interior and exterior solutions that will meet your exact needs. Markham waterproofing industry has rapidly advanced over the past years and Dryshield has envolved with the growing industry by learning all the new innovations avaliable and working with the top manufactures of waterproofing materials.

These services include:

  • Effective foundation seepage solutions
  • Sump pump and sump well installations
  • Window well and drainage systems
  • Foundation crack injections
  • and more

Use our basement diagram to help determine what type of basement waterproofing repairs your home needs. This diagram indicates all the possible ways water can enter into your basement and determines the best solutions to go about getting it fixed. Or call one of the Toronto Waterproofing exprets at Dryshield 1-800-277-5411 for a free waterproofing estimate. We have also provided an online quoting tool too receive a quote from the comfort of your home.