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Wet Basement Services

Wet Basement

Improving the drainage system around your home is an important step in protecting your home from costly water damage. Whether you have experienced a wet basement before or just looking to avoid this problem from happening, knowing the proper method to repair your problem is the first step. The experts at Dryshield waterproofing can come to your home and evaluate your property and determine what the best waterproofing solution is for your home.

One of the best and easiest ways to protect your home is by installing a French Drain. French Drains make it so the water stays out of your house and doesn't cause flooding or unnecessary erosion in your yard. They are very effective for correcting water problems with both surface water and ground water. If you are noticing flooding after a heavy rain fall or water pooling against your home, this could be the quick fix that your home needs. Be careful with standing water also cause damage to your lawn and property as well as attract unwanted pests and odors. When installing a French drain you must choose the best trench lines and best grade that will promote maximum drainage away from your house.

No matter what type of set up you have, Dryshield Waterproofing will be able to install a drain that will correct your drainage problems. This procedure requires a lot of expertise and the right products and materials. The installation of a French drain includes gravel, landscape fabric, and drain pipe. It is very important that the pipe is placed correctly so that the water will be channeled away from your house. Dryshield has many years of experience and offer a 25-year warranty on all completed work so you can relax, and know you are in good hands.