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Basement Crack Repair

A homeowner's worst nightmare is waking up to a flooded basement after an overnight downpour. The destruction of your furniture, valuables and electronics, not to mention a threat to your home's structural integrity, are all consequences from not having basement waterproofing installed by a knowledgeable professional. One of the most common causes of a wet basement is foundation cracks. When there is a gap in the foundation, essentially the base of which your home is built on, water pools around the exterior of the house then rushes through the tiniest of cracks into your home. Not every storm will flood your basement, however the gradual exposure to water will begin to smell and the dampness will linger – soon you will see the first signs of a mold issue. Mold is a serious hazard to yours and your family's health, especially if someone in your home suffers from a respiratory illness or disorder.

Foundations leak for several reasons such as; congested weeping tile system, the weeping tile can no longer flow due to blockage of debris. Horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation, or separation of blocks voids where the foundation and footing meet, and allows water to enter the basement. Be careful, cracks don't just form in foundation they can also occur above it. This is most common in homes built with brick or concrete blocks.

Once your basement crack repairs are filled in the foundation, it is a good idea to consider exterior waterproofing as your permanent solution in preventing a wet basement. Dryshield Waterproofing can install a water proof membrane along the exterior of the foundation wall. Our exterior waterproofing comes with a transferable warranty and guarantee the quality of our work for over 25 years.

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